The Real Heroes this Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day reminds us of the importance of those who fought bravely for our country, and urges us to spend not only one day but every day of the year to honor them. These strong individuals literally put ourselves before our country, and their service has allowed us to live and thrive on our homeland. We must not forget those who are currently fighting the battles on this day.

The Beta Sigma chapter is proud of our alumni, Brandon Hart, a current member of the U.S. Army. He was gracious enough to spend time to write an article about his time in the fraternity and his experiences since then, “My name is Brandon Hart and I am an Alpha Kappa (#701). I graduated MSU in 2015 with a BA in Criminal Justice while simultaneously participating in the Army ROTC program. I’m in the HOTT Fam; my Big is Jenna Millstead and my Littles are James McCormick and Adam Nye. I had the opportunity to serve as the Fundraising Co-chair (2012-2013) and the Treasurer (2013-2015). I was extremely fortunate to be a part of Phi Sigma Pi-Beta Sigma during my undergrad at MSU. I didn’t plan on joining, I went to the meet night last minute and ended up finding an organization that completed my college experience. PSP allowed me to discover friends and colleagues that made a huge impact on my education and fostered experiences that helped shape who I am today. My girlfriend is a fellow alumnus, my big and two littles are some of my greatest friends, I roomed with two brothers senior year who I’m still close with, and I’ve made countless connections with brothers who are around the nation. PSP allowed me to hone my leadership and practice invaluable skills that I will forever use. I currently serve in the U.S. Army as a First Lieutenant stationed at Ft. Hood, TX. I’m the Executive Officer of a Military Police Company where I deal with managing the Commander’s systems and extensive property book as well as the second in command for the 160+ Soldiers in our formation.”

We thank Brandon for his service and all those who are currently serving or have served in the military. We pray for them and the families and friends who care for and are thankful for their valiant actions. Happy #VeteransDay

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