Motivation Monday: Paris Conquest’s Quest to Prepare MSU Freshman for College


Orientation is an important part of a student’s success at Michigan State University, and Paris (Alpha Phi ’17) is making sure that their orientation. She is a coordinator for the Spartans Transition to Excellence Program (STEP) and she has been a part of the organization since her freshman year. Paris helps first year students and their family members prepare for the transition to college. Paris connects students with MSU faculty and staff who act as a coaches and mentors for the students. She loves to be able to connect with the students and help make them feel at home at MSU. She is proud to be on a first name basis with approximately 100 faculty and staff members at MSU, including deans, professors, advisors, and police officers.

Through her job she was able to help design the book cover for Side-by-Side (featuring our fellow member and fall Initiate Advisor, Steven Li) and she wrote a story about her decision to change her major to Art Education. She handles event planning as well as communications to MSU faculty and staff about events and their STEP group. Her favorite parts of her position were driving a 10 passenger van around campus, and having free access to dairy store ice cream and insomnia cookies.

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