The Most Thrilling/Exhausting/Fulfilling Semester: Rose’s European Adventures

Three months and two study abroads. Starting with Greece:

   The main reason I became interested in this trip was the internship component. I had the opportunity and pleasure of working at a refugee camp. Refugees from all over Europe, mainly Syria, have fled their countries in order to avoid prosecution and violence. My job was working with Movement on the Ground to build and renovate refugee camps. Moria, the biggest camp on the island of Lesvos, is equipped for 3,000 people. The current population is 7,000. My job was to create housing for the overflow. We built tents and put together wooden pallets in order to provide grounding. We installed electricity, cleaned out storage units, and organized clothing and food for the refugees. Meanwhile, I was taking classes, and learning about global diversity and how this will influence the refugee crisis. I stayed on the island of Lesvos, but traveled to Thessaloniki, Athens, Santorini and Trikala.
   After my first study abroad, I had a two week gap where I backpacked all over Europe with a couple of girls from Greece. We started in Italy where we traveled to Rome, Naples, and Florence. Next we visited Budapest, Hungary while taking a day trip to Vienna, Austria. Afterwards, we went to Switzerland where we stayed in Geneva and Interlaken. This was my absolute favorite because we went hang-gliding and white water rafting through the Swiss Alps. Finally, we ended up in Barcelona, Spain. I only spent less than 24 hours there due to lack of time, but was completely worth it.
   Now I’m in Amsterdam, Netherlands doing my second study abroad. This is a sexual politics, gender identity, and LGBTQ studies. My main focus will be to study the legal system and it’s influence on the legalization of prostitution in comparison to the U.S. I’ll also be taking some time to study in Brussels, Belgium. While I’m not sure what other countries I’ll be visiting, I’m hoping to include, Ireland, London, and Germany! Stay tuned for my travel plans and where I’ll be next!
-Rose Artman, ’16 Alpha Sigma (this post was written before she completed her Amsterdam study abroad program)

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