Study Abroad Spotlight: Eric Moser takes on International Cuisine and Food Laws

When most people study abroad, they mainly spend their time taking pictures, going to the most touristy places, and eating plentiful food. Eric Moser (Alpha Phi Class ’17) took his study abroad trip to the next level. He spent the month of May in suit and tie studying International Food Laws and meeting with health professionals to discuss pertinent topics rated to food production and agriculture.

In his program, Eric had the opportunity to study his passion in some of the most iconic food destinations in the world. He traveled all across Europe starting in London, England and ending in Florence, Italy. The program stopped in Paris, France; Geneva, Switzerland; and Parma, Italy along the way. Eric didn’t spend his entire trip in a food coma, though. He studied the European Union regulatory system, food safety, food and nutrition labeling and international trade. Eric met with numerous experts from two universities, the World Health Organization, the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service and the World Trade Organization.

When asked to select his favorite part of his European adventure, Eric said, ” the best part of the trip was by far visiting Geneva, Switzerland, where I had fondue for the first time, had a boat tour of Lake Geneva and was able to hike the Swiss Alps.” He found time to shop around and even purchased balsamic ginger that is older than himself. You can check out more pictures of Eric’s travels on our Facebook page.

This is the first post of the “Study Abroad Spotlight” publication series, which highlights the travels of our brothers in foreign countries.

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