Murder Mystery Dinner- Unique Fundraising Event!

Doing the murder mystery dinner was one of the most exciting, challenging, and fun events fundraising has ever done. Fundraising is one of the most important aspects of the chapter. The fraternity needs to have a steady input of profit to pay for our events and expand our brotherhood. This can sometimes be a challenge as you need to plan events that are both exciting and innovative and will motivate brothers. Coming up with these innovative fundraisers not only gives more money to the frat and helps expand our name but also invigorates both young and old brothers.

The idea for the murder mystery dinner came from Rozzie Bloch. Rozzie has written several mysteries and ran several murder mystery dinners in the past, so when she proposed the idea of the murder mystery dinner to me and Harshita, my fundraising co-chair, we couldn’t pass it down. The planning was both stressful and fun. We all met several times to discuss the logistics where everyone had equal involvement in the planning of the event. We were able to buy the supplies easily and at a cheap price, we put up a Facebook invite and announced it during the meeting to get brothers excited, along with me texting every brother at odd times to try to remind brothers and get them excited. We also had a lot of help from Dylan, our treasurer, to keep track of payments and to make sure all the money would flow back to the frat. While the planning may have been tight and hectic due to the short time period between planning the event and the actual event, we managed to put everything together in an organized way.

The event turned out to be a success, not only due to us making a profit, but because every brother who attended loved it. We had plenty of brothers and initiates who helped us set up and clean up. Every single brother who signed up was enthusiastic about the event. It was incredible to see so many brothers, both older and younger, both active and inactive, and even initiates show up and have fun. No matter how much acting experience someone had, everyone got into their character and had a blast. As the night went on, we all bonded more and more as we interacted with each others character. Everyone figured out the murder and the accomplices and Abin and Austin won the awards for best actors (though some people claim I was robbed). Seeing how well the fundraiser went was truly an honor considering that this was my first fundraiser as fundraising co-chair.

Throughout the night, everyone was super complimentary toward the event. Several younger brothers talked about how this event makes them want to get more involved. Several older brothers told me how this event made them want to get back involved in the fraternity. People who couldn’t make it got excited after hearing all the stories and said that they can’t wait for the next one. Even the initiates loved it as it gave them their first taste of the fellowship of the brotherhood. What made this fundraising event unique was not just us doing something completely new, but how it brought brothers together in a night of fellowship.


Written by Jacob Bloom, Alpha Phi

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