Beta Sigma Welcomes the Alpha Chi Initiate Class!

28061776_10156204204050746_8502273990413199202_oThe Beta Sigma Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi recently welcomed its newest initiate class – the Alpha Chi’s! We are so excited for them to join us and cannot wait to see their journey into the brotherhood!

Renee Rogowski


“Hey there, beautiful! I’m Renee Rogowski, I have a Social Work major and a minor in French. My favorite activities include teaching yoga, playing the violin, knitting, playing card games, and above all else sharing positivity. My hometown is Clarkston, Michigan; I have a wonderful family including an older brother and twin sister (who also attends MSU). After school I intend to work with refugees from waring nations to help them feel safe, successful, and welcome in the United States. I am incredibly excited and grateful to be among such awe-inspiring brothers in PSP.”


Sarah Johanknecht

IMG_2299“My name is Sarah Johanknecht and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science with a minor in Cognitive Science. I’m from Pittsburgh but I’ve been a Spartan since birth since both my parents attended MSU! On campus, I’m mainly involved with our Women in Computing organization, where I do a lot of work with middle and high school computer science outreach programs. I also work in a research lab studying digital evolution. In my free time, you’ll probably find me cheering on the football or basketball team. I also have two adorable Labrador Retrievers at home, Rudy and Cocoa, who I love to death!!” 


Asha Narayan

unnamed“Hi! My name is Asha Narayan and I am a freshmen Business Preference major. I’m from a really small town called Pinckney, Michigan. Some of my hobbies include running, hiking, playing piano, card games, and drawing. I love cats, Brendon Urie, and Netfilx. My favorite shows are Criminal Minds, The Office, and Gilmore Girls. I’m super excited to be a PSP initiate and I can’t wait to experience all of the amazing opportunities that come along with it!”



Sarah Telles

Picture1.png“I’m Sarah Telles and I am a sophomore Animal Science major. I’m from the Denver area in Colorado and I came to MSU for the prevet program. When I’m not at school, I’m usually back home hanging out with my dogs, hiking, or flying a hot air balloon (I have my permit and my mom has her license)! Otherwise, at school, you can probably find me studying, watching Netflix, or rocking out to Broadway musicals. After graduation I hope to work in conservation efforts with exotic animals like tigers, lions, elephants (my favorite animal!) and others. I can’t wait to be a part of PSP with the rest of the Alpha Chi class!”


Haley Lyell

IMG_1454“Hi, my name is Haley Lyell and I am a pre-nursing major and a freshman. I enjoy watching the NBA and other sports. I also like to take hikes and go to the beach!”






Claire Wohlfeil

IMG_0151“Hi, I’m Claire! I’m a junior, current finance major, former music major. I play piano, cello, and guitar and will take any and all requests! Bring up classical music and I will talk for hours (I’m a huge nerd about it). I will also happily rant about cats, especially my cat Angelcake. I enjoy swimming, playing tennis, and biking, but I’m a real pro at binge-watching shows on Netflix. I’m super excited to be a part of PSP and can’t wait to become a brother!”



Danielle Hohman

psp photo.jpg“Hello, my name is Danielle Hohman. I am a freshman studying Genomics and Molecular Genetics with a minor in Bioethics through the college of Lyman Briggs. During my free time I enjoy hammocking (or really anything that has to do with being outside), napping, eating the caf cookies, or painting. I have a cat named Scarlett, a turtle named Carl, and a plethora of plants all which I love dearly. I am looking forward to starting my journey here in Phi Sigma Pi!”


Carolyn Lazarski

blog.jpg“My name is Carolyn, Im a sophomore history major, i love reading, doing anything outside, and playing with my dog”





Emily Hawker

Picture1“Hi! My name is Emily Hawker. I’m a freshman in Lyman Briggs, and my major is microbiology with a minor in global public health and epidemiology. I enjoy yoga, zumba, going on walks, watching cute videos of animals, and recently I’ve been teaching myself how to knit. Some of my interests are infectious diseases, makeup, Harry Potter, Marvel movies, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Avatar the Last Airbender. I’m from the Chicago suburbs (specifically Aurora if anyone knows there that is), I have a dog named Pixie, and my career aspiration is to get a PhD in microbiology and work for the Centers for Disease Control.”



Austin Smith

Picture1.png“Hello my name is Austin Smith, and I am a Freshman majoring in Applied Engineering Sciences. I grew up just a short drive away from MSU and have been a fan of the greatest university in the world my whole life. I have played soccer my entire life, and have ran track for the 6 years (the shorter the distance the better). Some of my hobbies consist of avid hammocking, watching netflix (specifically How I Met Your Mother and Sherlock), playing any sports with friends, and adventuring. I really look forward to getting to know everyone in Phi Sigma Pi, as well as making numerous memories with you all at MSU! P.S. Sarah Posa is my big.”


Andrew Ferguson

IMG_3630“Hello! I’m Andrew Ferguson and I am currently a sophomore studying computer engineering. Some fun facts about me are that I absolutely love video games and sports. I feel like I could talk for hours on end about either of those subjects. Like I could talk to someone about why or why not the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best Zelda game ever, and then talk to a different person about why Michigan State is going to win the National Championship in basketball this year (I 100% believe they are by the way). I am also really good at Guitar Hero, and I may or may not be a little obsessed with it. The reason being that I have 4 guitars just for Guitar Hero/Rock Band in my dorm and probably more to come soon. I also love Marvel, probably more than I should. I know for a fact that when Avengers comes out in May I am most definitely going to see it at least 3 times in theaters. So yeah, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. Except I forgot one thing that is kind of synonyms to my last name: Fergie. I do know all of the words to that infamous song, and per Steven’s request, I will try to learn Fergalicious in French (my minor).”


Leah Gregory

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 9.09.02 PM“Hello! My name is Leah Gregory and I’m from Appleton, WI. I am currently a freshman at MSU pursing a degree in management. I’m a huge Packers fan but my favorite sport is hockey. In general I am a huge sports fan and I love watching the Olympics. Hopefully in 2-4 years I’ll be working at the next Olympic Games.” 




Pooja Ippalapelli

Picture1“Hi! My name is Pooja Ippalapelli and I am a sophomore here at MSU studying Computer Science and minoring in Information Technology. I am from Northville, MI. On campus, I am involved with Society of Women Engineering (SWE) and Phi Sigma Pi. I also worked as an undergraduate learning assistant for an intro engineering class and hope to get back to it! Some of my hobbies include volunteering around campus, leisure walking and swimming, arts and crafts, stress-free shopping, and binge-watching every show on Netflix. I am so thrilled to be part of the Alpha Chi class and cannot wait to get to know everyone!”



Jessica Jones


“My name is Jessica Jones and I’m a sophomore studying Nursing at Michigan State University. I am from Macomb, Michigan where I did gymnastics or played soccer most of the time. Some of my hobbies include drawing, reading, and napping. I can’t go a day without listening to music and I love all music genres! I can’t wait to start my journey in Phi Sigma Pi!”





Liz Wakulsky

IMG_0706.JPG“My name is Liz Wakulsky and I am a junior studying Art History at Michigan State University. I am from Haslett, Michigan where I was a member of the competition dance team at Tari’s Cornerstone Studio for Dance for over 10 years. Today, my hobbies include teaching dance, singing, hiking and camping, traveling, fangirling over all things Harry Potter and Disney, and petting all the dogs I see! Through my education at MSU, I hope to one day teach Art History at the university level and work with study abroad groups, while hopefully inspiring as many young people as I can. I am so excited to be a part of the Alpha Chi rush class and to start my journey as a brother in Phi Sigma Pi!”


Emily Chang

Picture1“Hello! My name is Emily Chang and I am a part of the Alphi Chi class. I am a sophomore studying hospitality business. I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula in a small town called Iron Mountain, MI. Growing up I loved to go on hikes, play tennis and spend time out on the lake. I am exciting to start my journey with Phi Sigma pi and continue my growth with individuals who strive to emphasize the importance of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship.”





Jeff Xu



“I am Jeff Xu in Alpha Chi class for Phi Sigma Pi. I am from China and my major is mathematics in MSU. I love playing video games, also having a travel is another thing I am interested in. My favorite food is Chinese traditional food absolutely and I hope I can taste all food in the world after I am rich.”





Sean Cannon

Snapchat-230805809“Hullo, Sean Cannon here, Freshman Genetics major through Lyman Briggs College, which has been really tough so far. But that’s what makes PSP a fun balance to life! I like to binge Netflix, run and lift, eat exorbitant amounts of food, venture outdoors whenever it’s nice, and hang with friends whenever I can. I also take pride in being a native North Carolinian and my two awesome lab mix pups, Archie and Sonny.”






Miriam Aviles

Image (3).png“I’m Miriam, from Houston, TX. I’m a sophomore in Kinesiology at Michigan State University, and I hope to go into Physical Therapy. I love swimming and really most other sports.”






Brendan Barbara

me“My name is Brendan Barbara and I am a sophomore from Macomb, Michigan. I am studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. I love doing anything outdoors and I also enjoy playing guitar and reading. “

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