The Help A Willing Kid Foundation

Everyone wishes to be a kid again. For many of us, childhood is marked with memories of living carefree, brains filled with imagination, enjoying the freedom of spontaneity. For many underprivileged and impoverished youth, childhood isn’t the carefree adventure and learning experience it should be. Phi Sigma Pi, Beta Sigma supports the Help a Willing Kid Foundation in Lansing as our local philanthropy to support youth in our community.


How H.A.W.K. helps

The Help a Willing Kid Foundation, a non-profit in Lansing, Michigan aims to give underprivileged youth in the greater Lansing area the chance to flourish, exploring their talents and discovering their potential for success. For nearly 15 years, the H.A.W.K. Foundation has provided children with a safe, supportive after-school environment where they are given the tools to grow and succeed.

The H.A.W.K. Foundation is based at the Crown Boxing Club in Lansing. The foundation offers a number of programs to children from providing them with meals to offering them a quiet place for tutoring assistance to a place to shower and launder their clothes. The biggest program is the boxing program. Learning to box teaches children discipline and gives them a chance to learn more about themselves and their talents.


A second home for underprivileged youth

Crown Boxing Club is like a home for many of the children who participate in the organization. This means that the programs H.A.W.K. offers them don’t stop at the end of the day or after children become older. The foundation is invaluable as an after-school environment and resource for young children but has a place in the entire life of every child that participates. Getting a ride home at the end of the night or being given warm winter clothing before it starts getting cold or help with getting a driver’s license are just a few of the ways H.A.W.K. helps youth in the Lansing community grow and prosper.


Beta Sigma is committed to supporting our local philanthropy, H.A.W.K.

Our chapter of Phi Sigma Pi adopted H.A.W.K. as our local philanthropy years ago and have contributed to the foundations efforts ever since. Our chapter organizes fundraising events, clothing drives, and other events that raise money for the foundation and raise awareness for the cause. Members of our chapter are actively involved in the foundation’s tutoring program each week and help out by cooking meals, organizing holiday dinners for the children, and many other things.

The H.A.W.K. Foundation is an invaluable resource to families and children in the Lansing area and surrounding community. Children deserve a place where they feel safe and know they have people advocating for them and their future. More than 1 in 5 children in Michigan lived below the poverty line in 2015, according to the 2017 Kids Count in Michigan Data Book. This is why the Beta Sigma chapter of Phi Sigma Pi is committed to H.A.W.K. and its efforts to give impoverished and underprivileged youth in the Lansing area the chance to succeed in their own life and help disturb the cycle of poverty.


Supporting the H.A.W.K. Foundation

Phi Sigma Pi, Beta Sigma focuses its philanthropic efforts entirely on the H.A.W.K. Foundation through a variety of fundraising activities and events. Money raised for H.A.W.K. supports the programs the foundation offers and helps to purchase meals, toiletries, winter clothing, and other individualized necessities for children who participate. To donate, visit our GoFundMe campaign at: 

Written By: Sydney Taylor, Alpha Tau

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