Where Are They Now?


The Beta Sigma Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi is proud to have hundreds of alumni who are out in the world achieving great things.  We reached out to these alumni essentially asking “where are you know?”.  Today we’ll  hear from four alumni about what they’ve been up to, and how the Tripod still plays a part in their lives.


Megan Cashen 

Megan Cashen (left) with Jessica Storrison (right). The two were both in the Phi class.

“My name is Megan Cashen and I was a phi. Roll call number 459. I am currently an attorney in Macomb County.

 Fellowship within Phi Sigma Pi is a huge part of my life, I still have lots of close friends from my days as an active brother. A wonderful thing about being an alumna is that I have formed friendships with people who were not active at the same time I was, but we met through alumni functions and became friends.

Scholarship is different now that I’m not in school but I do think about it often and try to learn new things and expose myself to new information. The biggest takeaway I had from the scholarship leg of the tripod was to never think you know enough about something and always be willing to be wrong. It serves me well in my career.

Leadership is something I still see not only in my life as an alumna but in my fellow brothers. So many alumni I know are in leadership positions at work and in their communities.”

Annette Gianino


“My name is Annette Gianino. I was a member of the Alpha Epsilon class (I rushed in fall 2009), into the Royal family. I was Initiate Advisor for the Alpha Eta Class (fall 2010). And I was President 2011-2012, and then oldest Brother my final year, 2012-2013. 
Since graduating I worked on a few films (Transformers 4, Batman V. Superman, The Funeral Guest, and a super indie called >1). After working on films for a while, I decided I wanted something a little longer term. I currently work in downtown Detroit at an Editing company called Hudson Edit where I am an assistant editor (hoping to be an associate editor soon). We work primarily on advertisements. And I’m getting married next year (with 3 Brothers standing up as my bridesmaids).
The tripod still plays a huge part in my life. Trying to find balance between my social life, scholarly life, and leadership life is often difficult. But I know it’s important to make time for friends and family, to allow myself to learn and grow in my job and as a new homeowner, and work to try and lead at my job. I’m hoping after the wedding next year, to get back into volunteering more often.”

Alyssa Engle

14088556_10154617878777494_4447139576577954819_n“My name is Alyssa Engle. I was an Alpha Nu; Little to Sasha Collins & Big to Alexa Mijares and Alyssa Zokoe (my babes <3). I graduated from MSU in 2015 with a BS in Neuroscience and Psychology. I rushed as a Junior and during my time in PSP, I served on the Social Committee as well as the Executive Board as Recording Secretary.

I am currently a 2nd year medical student at the University of Utah in SLC, UT. Such a beautiful place if you have never been (I had previously never been this far West). I still love MI, but man these mountains are something. Life is hectic and busy, but I think back to when this was all just a dream in undergrad (and there is nothing I would rather be doing!). Currently thinking about OB/Gyn as a specialty as I am interested in both women’s health and global health (and there is of course a great need for improved women’s health internationally)… but we shall see!

I love how even despite being super busy and a few years removed from college, I still have PSP pop in my life quite frequently. For instance, there are 2 brothers who occasionally transfer to SLC who always reach out to meet up. It’s such an awesome feeling to have these relationships maintained even though they weren’t in my rush class and we are in completely different places in our lives. It’s always so great to catch up and no matter how much time has passed, there’s always that instant brotherly re-connection. I feel that the tripod made me a better medical student and will make me a better physician. I specifically looked to UUSOM as a place to study because they are so holistic in their approach to selecting and educating future physicians. Here, I am able to live that busy medical student life (keeping up my scholarship), while leading several student groups (leadership), maintaining relationships with friends & family from across the country and forming quality relationships with my co-students (fellowship). In addition, I stay very active in the community by volunteering at the homeless medical outreach clinic and serving as an advocate for domestic violence awareness, reproductive health, and refugee health. Whenever I reflect on my time in PSP, I still look back on the memories as some of the best highlights from college. I still cherish my friends/brothers- even though there is now so much time and distance between us. PSP is truly for life!”

Bryce Airgood


“My name is Bryce Airgood, I rushed PSP spring semester, 2014. I am in the Alpha Xi class. My big is Chris Lowrie, my little is Renee O’Connell, and my grand-little is Amanda Godar. They are all pretty great. My hometown is in southwestern Michigan, but I currently live in Allendale, Michigan with three Grand Valley State University students.
I am currently a master’s student at Michigan State University. I am almost done, just need to finish my thesis on the representation of immigration in the media. I am also an intern for The Grand Rapids Press and have written stories ranging from breaking news to features on 10,000-year-old mastodon bones. After my internship I plan on getting a full-time job as a journalist somewhere in U.S. Midwest.
Fellowship, scholarship and leadership will always be a part of a brother’s life. For me specifically, I find scholarship to be the most relevant leg right now. As a journalist and a grad student, I am constantly learning new things. Fellowship is important as well. I love my coworkers at The Grand Rapids Press and am lucky to know such intelligent and witty people. We all work together to keep Grand Rapids residents informed and there is a wonderful sense of camaraderie. As for leadership, I have always had the belief there are many different ways to be a leader. Right now it is just taking care of my roommates, whether it is through making sure everyone knows when bills are due or keeping the candy basket in the living room full.”

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