Alpha Upsilon Pinning

Last week, the Beta Sigma Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi welcomed 29 new initiates to the Alpha Upsilon class!


The pinning ceremony took place in the Engineering Building as the initiates who accepted a bid began their official journey in becoming one of our brothers. Big/Little pairs were also revealed to the Alpha Upsilon class. Bigs will act as one of the initiates main resources, friend and mentor through their initiate semester and will continue throughout their time as a brother of Phi Sigma Pi. Each new initiate also received multiple “pseudo” bigs, chosen by their big, as further connections within the fraternity.

This class has already proven to exemplify each leg of the tripod, as each of them have impressive scholarship, leadership and fellowship qualities. Majors range from Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Education, Theatre, Environmental Sciences, Psychology and more! From here, the new class will begin their brother dialogues, initiate meetings, weekly quizzes to learn about the history of PSP and will attend weekly Thursday events and Sunday Chapter meetings. We are so incredibly excited as a brotherhood to guide these new initiates through their first semester in the fraternity!

Once again, congratulations to the Alpha Upsilon class and good luck with the first steps of your journey in Phi Sigma Pi!


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