Beta Sigma Turns 21- Founder’s Day Recap

Just a day after our men’s heartbreaking loss in the first round of the NCAA tournament, (sorry to bring it back up) Beta Sigma still had something to celebrate. Our annual Founder’s Day event took place on Saturday, March 16th at the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe in Lansing in honor of our chapter’s 21st birthday. The exciting times continue for Phi Sigma Pi as a national chapter– we turn the big 100 this year!

The man who put on our show? Alumni co-chair Adam Nye!  The food was good, the company better. And as Adam noted in his opening speech, we must give a special shout out to our President Erin Collins for the beautiful flower arrangements and decorations!

Initiates, current brothers, alumni, and the Dolehanty family gathered to talk about our chapter’s recent accomplishments and reminisce about the good ol’ days.


We also had the opportunity to hear alumna Annette Gianino give to us her wisdom, as she was once in all of our places living the busy, the stressful, and at times chaotic college life. Two really great things to take out of Annette’s speech:

  • The connections and relationships you make are worth so much more than having perfect grades, so go to the events and don’t let studying be an excuse. Make as many as you can.
  • Go outside of your comfort zone. Talk to brothers you aren’t close with. Go to events even if your close friends aren’t going. Putting yourself out there will only help you in the real world.

Following Annette’s speech, awards were presented to two active brothers.

The first was the Service Key Award, given to a brother who dedicated an enormous amount of time and energy to the fraternity over the past year.  Vice President Dylan Miskowski received the award, undoubtedly for the enormous impact he has made on our fraternity. Over the past year Dylan has worked fervently with the co-chairs to stimulate collaboration between committees, increase productivity, and put in place systems of organization to help the co-chairs to follow.

The second award was the Tripod Scholarship, given to a brother that exemplifies all three legs of the tripod. This scholarship is presented in the memory of Colin Dolehanty, a founding member of Phi Sigma Pi Beta Sigma. Philanthropy co-chair Niki DeLaurence was awarded this scholarship. Her leadership within her position, the respect she shows her brothers, and her dedication to H.A.W.K make Niki a more than deserving recipient for the scholarship. The help and guidance Niki provides to the kids and tutors who attend H.A.W.K. weekly is AMAZING, and she too is making a huge impact on our chapter.


Congratulations to both of our wonderful award recipients!

Cheers to another year of growing, learning, and leading. We look forward to what this next year will bring for our chapter.







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